Who Is Talent Tap?

Here at Talent Tap, we are super passionate about connecting clients with the best and brightest candidates! One hire at a time, year after year, we help organizations grow winning teams and awesome cultures, and we understand that our success is directly proportionate to the level of service we provide our clients, our candidates, and our community here in Lancaster, PA.

Talent Tap is not all things for all people. We know we cannot do everything and do it well. Instead, our staffing agency specializes in recruiting and hiring for the creative, marketing, information technology, and sales fields.

We believe in fair value for our clients and fair compensation for our expertise — and we don’t chase big commissions. We focus on the right hiring fit, not a high-pressure sales process.

The Golden Rule guides our way in everything we do. We work tirelessly to improve our services, with the goal of not just satisfying our customers but delighting them!

We are trustworthy, we work hard, and we care about our clients and our community. We are one of a kind.

Why Choose Talent Tap?

Our Track Record

More than 25 years’ experience placing the best talent with South Central PA’s premier employers

Our Focus

Staffing solutions for marketing/creative, information technology, sales, and professional management

Our No-Spin Pricing

A simple, transparent time-and-materials budget with no expensive contingency fees

Our Approach

Trusted advisors who offer objective opportunity descriptions and honest applicant appraisals



Founder / Staffing Industry Innovator


With twenty-five years of experience as a staffing industry innovator, Bernadette has an exceptionally keen ability to match talent to an organization’s culture. She has purposely built a culture at Talent Tap that keeps the focus on clients’ long-term success, and she values the trust they have placed in her to build their teams.



Office Manager / Mascot


Every visitor to Talent Tap must first get the Bessie sniff of approval! Bessie the Boston Terrier keeps everyone on their toes — in between long naps and walks around Lancaster City, of course.