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Why Work with Us

Mike Murphy, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer


Retained Recruiting

If your company is small to mid-sized and not quite ready to hire full-time Human Resources and/or Recruiter, Talent Tap can manage your ongoing recruitment/hiring process and advise on related human resource issues.

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Contract Staffing

Talent Tap can provide expert help to get you through a crunch time – without the hassle of 1099’s, untested subcontractors and potential missed deadlines.

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Custom Solutions

Talent Tap can tailor a recruiting program for specific hiring projects and provide other related services such as salary surveys, cultural audits and outplacement advisement during times of organizational change.

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Our Team

Bernadette Hill

Founder/Staffing Industry Innovator


Here at Talent Tap, we are super passionate about helping our clients make great hires!  With over eighteen years of experience as a staffing industry innovator, I have an exceptionally keen ability to match talent to an organization’s culture.  I have purposely built a culture at Talent Tap which keeps our focus on clients’ long term success.  We believe in being fairly compensated for our expertise and we don’t chase big commissions.  We are trustworthy, we work hard, and we care about our clients. We are one of a kind.

Lydia Johnson

Staffing Specialist


Lydia is the maker of magic between a talented candidate and our awesome clients!  As an outgoing ambassador of fun who loves to make connections happen, Lydia also digs deep to understand our clients’ unique cultures and make the right hiring match.

When not working, Lydia can be found reading true crime thrillers and rounding up her gaggle of kids with baked goodies!

Available Opportunities
  • Project Manager

    Reading, PA 
  • Production Designer

    Lancaster , PA 
  • Copywriter

    Lancaster, PA 
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