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Our Team


Bernadette Hill

Staffing Industry Innovator

Here at Talent Tap, we are super passionate about helping our clients make great hires!  With over eighteen years of experience as a staffing industry innovator, I have an exceptionally keen ability to match talent to an organization’s culture.  I have purposely built a culture at Talent Tap which keeps our focus on clients’ long term success.  We believe in being fairly compensated for our expertise and we don’t chase big commissions.  We are trustworthy, we work hard, and we care about our clients. We are one of a kind.


Joel Radziewicz

Fun-loving Objective Consultant

I’m passionate about positively impacting our local community and helping our clients grow and scale the right way.  With a formal education in Computer Science and a minor in tongue-in-cheek humor, my approach to staffing will always be open, honest, and objective.  I believe that it’s imperative to understand technology beyond just the acronyms and have a presence in the IT community.  Aside from all of that, my greatest joy in life is being the father of my little girl Stella.


Rich Warner

Staffing Specialist Sleuth

As a Staffing Specialist at Talent Tap, I am responsible for finding high level creative, sales and IT professionals for the region’s top advertising, marketing and technical companies. I have had the unique experience of being able to hire, staff and manage large groups of sales and service professionals over the past 20 years! If experience has taught me anything, it is that people make a company successful and I strive to find the best every day. When I’m away from my desk, I can be found spending time with my family or out in the yard listening to loud, live music!