We were very pleased to talk with Maria Clarke, a candidate who we recently helped place at a local marketing and design agency, to get some insight into her experience working with Talent Tap and any tips she can offer to other folks on a job search.

What is your background, Maria?

The majority of my experience lies in digital project management, primarily within an agency setting. My educational background is in graphic design.

How did you get connected with Talent Tap?

Initially I was connected with Talent Tap when I applied to a position that was being managed by them. While that position ended up not working out, I remained connected with Talent Tap and reached out when I saw another position that they posted. That position is where I am currently working today.

Were you also searching on your own? How was that going? What tools were you using in your job search?

I was searching on my own prior to working with Talent Tap. At the time, I had experienced a layoff situation and was sending out several applications daily through various websites (Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Monster). I received very little movement on my search efforts unless I already had a connection at the hiring company. 

Did you use social media at all in your job search? If so, how and which platforms?

I frequently used LinkedIn to research companies and their employees, and to look within my own network for opportunities. 

What type of positions were you looking for?

I was primarily looking in the digital project management field, preferably at an agency.

How did Talent Tap help you?

Talent Tap had a lot of knowledge about the hiring companies when I was set up for an initial screening/interview so I was prepared for those conversations. They were also extremely helpful at setting my expectations regarding next steps in the interview process and keeping me up-to-speed on updates. They really understand the companies they work for and they know what skills and qualifications to look for in potential candidates.

Had you worked with a recruiter before and can you describe your experience?

I have briefly worked with other recruiters, but it was all handled remotely. I really loved the fact that I could go on-site with the folks at Talent Tap and that they were very good at communicating with me the whole time. With my past experience with recruiters, there were long periods of time in which I wouldn’t hear back on the status of my application.

Do you have any advice for job seekers?

Persistence is key! Make the most of your network and do your research on potential employers. As important as the position itself is, being a good cultural fit is just as important.


If you need any job seeking advice or are looking for a position in the information technology, creative, digital marketing, sales, or banking industries, reach out to us at Talent Tap and we’ll be happy to help!