In the past, hiring organizations have looked at staffing agencies with a bit of a wary eye and who can blame them? Most of the resumes that were passed on tended to be coated in effusive praise and the promise of a hefty commission if one of their candidates landed the job. But, much like other businesses having to shift their strategies, so too are recruiters. More and more recruitment firms are working as trusted partners to HR departments and companies, taking a little bit of pressure off already harried staff.

The change is subtle, but it’s there if you look for it. Gone are big commissions for sticking a company with a candidate…any candidate. Here at Talent Tap, we provide objective feedback, frank opinions on candidates (and what their references really said) and a singular focus on finding the right candidate, not a commission.

The breakdown and reasons as to “why” to use a trusted recruiting partner are actually pretty simple:

1)    Your hiring managers are freed up to concentrate on more profitable work

2)    The human resources department or your hiring managers are focused on interviewing only the most quality of candidates – giving them more time to devote to working on internal projects for your valuable employees

3)    Third-party recruiting partners can gather and track down a greater collection of objective information and references on a potential hire

4)    An ongoing recruitment partner will drastically lower your cost-to-hire rate as they become hiring experts for your company


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