With much of the country starting to reopen, this means businesses should start getting back to (a new) normal soon. If your company was looking to hire before the pandemic started, if business conditions warrant, it may be time to start hiring again. Here are some tips to restart recruiting.


Be ready to look through a lot of resumes.

The unemployment rate is high right now so there are a lot of candidates on the job market. Once you post a new job listing, it’s likely you’ll receive a lot of applications. Many may not have relevant qualifications for the position. Set aside some time each day, without distractions, to go through new applications.  Plug alert: If you can’t devote daily time to this task, Talent Tap can review and screen incoming applicants so you’re not missing out on your next great hire!

Be prepared to ask a lot of questions in your screening interview.

Unfortunately, you may find that many applicants are “just looking for a job” as a stepping stone or interim solution.  Flags could include:  if they are taking a huge pay cut, if they’ve been in a certain industry for a long time and are suddenly applying for a position outside that industry, or if they are graduating soon (or have just graduated) in a completely different field. These things don’t always mean they will move on quickly but be prepared to ask a lot of open-ended questions to determine their motivations.


Be prepared to talk about your company’s safety policies.

Many candidates will have questions about your safety policies. Be prepared to discuss working from home, if that’s an option, maintenance and cleaning of workspaces, and how you plan to social distance in the office.


Continue virtual interviews.

At least for initial interviews you may want to continue conducting them virtually. Candidates who pass the first interview can then be brought into the office to meet in person.  If there are multiple interviews in the process, try to have them all scheduled on the same day to minimize exposure.

This is a new learning experience for all of us!  As always, feel free to reach out to Talent Tap for help!