There’s an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of working remotely within organizations. Here at Talent Tap, we’re on the frontline of the battle to attract the right professionals for our clients’ organizations and their specific staffing needs.

Especially within the tech sector in the southcentral PA area, it’s an increasingly tight market to recruit and hire experienced developers. There are more openings than qualified talent to meet demand. In such situations, remote working arrangements widen the talent pool and decrease the time to hire. The ability to internally collaborate, hold meetings and communicate with clients has never been easier with on-line tools such as Slack. The bottom line is that senior developers can often choose remote work arrangements over on-site full time offers. They also can be very effective at working remotely because they are self-directed problem-solvers who have enough experience to anticipate circumstances which require proactive communication. To win the war for senior talent, remote work offerings dramatically increase your odds of hiring success.

However, early-career millennials are finding that working on-site fosters better mentorship opportunities and the ability to learn from more experienced staff, even though they prefer the option to work from home when necessary. Some tech companies with a wide generational employee mix have created “step ups” to increase work from home opportunities over time, as employees develop their skills, gain experience and are able to work more autonomously.

Most significantly, more of our clients are offering a mix of 1-2 days of remote work with the remainder of the week dedicated to being in the office – especially for roles that benefit from quiet time, free of distraction.

All of these scenarios require organizations to create systems that can objectively set and track performance goals within an outcomes-based work culture which facilitates open communication and trust.

What are your thoughts or experiences with remote work options?