Are you a small to mid-sized company looking for a better way to hire top-performing staff who will “stick and stay”? With 25+ years of expertise in talent acquisition and retention, Talent Tap has built high-performing teams for many of south-central PA’s “Best Places To Work” companies!  We are innovators who are frequently copied by competitors but never replicated.  What makes us unique and unusually effective recruiters?

Following are a few highlights: 

  • Typically, recruiters get paid on commission, so they don’t always have your best interest in mind. They are often paid a 20% to 30% “contingency” fee, based on the new hire’s starting salary. If they don’t get a candidate placed into a position, then they don’t get paid. At Talent Tap, we pride ourselves in a different approach. We don’t charge any commissions or contingency fees. We charge for time and materials based on a proposed budget. This allows us to find the best possible candidate rather than promoting a mediocre candidate for a position just so we get paid.
  • Recruiters are frequently not experts about the culture of your company. Before working with Talent Tap, we like to come into your office to see what it’s like and meet with multiple people to get an idea of the culture. Plus, we form long-lasting relationships with our clients, unlike many recruiters who handle “one off” searches. We’ve been working with some of our clients for over 20 years! We truly work as an extension of our clients’ hiring teams, keeping their best interest in mind.
  • When you have resumes coming in from your job postings, we can review and vet them. This saves our clients a lot of time as only the candidates with the best skill-set and potential cultural match are ushered into consideration. We can manage your pool of qualified candidates for future consideration, cutting down your time-to-hire on the next opening.
  • In addition to connecting with your incoming candidates, we also have a wide network and deep database of passive and active candidates from years of building relationships with area professionals.
  • We are experts within the industries we work in (information technology, creative, digital marketing, sales, and banking). For example, if we feel the salary you are offering isn’t competitive enough, or a job description is ineffective, we will let you know and will make suggestions based on our market knowledge.

To learn more about how Talent Tap can professionally represent your organization and free you from time consuming hiring tasks, give us a call!