Four Fantastic Reasons for Continuous Recruiting

Four Fantastic Reasons for Continuous Recruiting

Many companies have traditionally approached hiring in a reactive, rather than a proactive, way – which means that they don’t give recruiting much thought until there’s an open position.  Your rock star sales person walks into your office and gives their notice – yikes!  Or perhaps it’s something a little less dramatic, but still stressful, such as rapid growth.  However, our most successful clients understand the value of continuous recruiting as a great way to attract the best talent, increase employee retention and promote their brand.  Here are four reasons why your company should always be on the hunt for the best and brightest:

  1. It decreases the time and cost of hiring.  If you’re constantly developing a community of interested applicants, you’ll source better candidates quicker. Having a careers link on your website which accepts resumes is different than having a continuous recruiting process, which is all about nurturing potential relationships.
  2. It increases employee retention because a quicker hiring process means that existing employees are not stretched thin for a protracted period of time, which can lead to burnout and turnover.
  3. You’re less likely to make a bad hire if you have multiple applicants to compare and contrast against the open position.
  4. It creates positive buzz for your company’s brand.   Job seekers who have a personal and positive experience as an applicant will talk about it with friends and family.

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