Creating Superstars!

Creating Superstars!

When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, everyone will tell you. Walter Payton

With 20+ years of experience recruiting under my belt – first as an employee, then manager and now business owner – I can tell you from first-hand experience that this quote is very true. The best performers in an organization, the best companies within an industry and the best leaders on the word stage all have two things in common – figuring out how to deliver great performance, service or decisions on a sustained basis and taking joy in identifying and developing talent as a means to establish a meaningful legacy.

Developing talent when you’re a busy business owner can be a delicate balancing act, but these three tips are easy ways to start developing your star performers:

  1. Trade time from doing your regular duties for delegating your work that will be developmental for others.
    Especially within a small business, investing in some cross training is always a smart idea. You’ll be surprised at how quickly most people will agree to take on a new project that was deemed “your work”, if it’s something that could benefit them and stretch their skills – and comfort zone.
  2. Incorporate industry conferences and trainings into training budgets. 
    Your most talented, committed staff will insist on these opportunities because they know that knowledge is power within their fields and they can’t afford to not keep up with thought-leadership and best practices. Your business can’t afford a pass, either.
  3. Have an open-door policy – and mean it by your actions. 
    Many leaders like to think that people know they can just stop on by to discuss a new idea, voice a concern or just check-in – but their office door is closed all day because they have back to back meetings. Leaders who encourage open communication and camaraderie by deliberately scheduling time they are accessible every day (or most) develop teams who feel empowered, valued and respected.

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