Cargas Systems – Surviving and Thriving Through COVID-19

  We recently talked with Emily Whitaker, HR Generalist from Cargas, about how Covid-19 has affected their team and ongoing business operations.  Cargas is an employee-owned software company, recognized as one of southcentral PA’s “Best Places To Work” 14 times!  They provide software from Microsoft and Sage, as well as custom-developed products, selling the software, […]

Smart Tips For Companies When Restarting Recruiting

  With much of the country starting to reopen, this means businesses should start getting back to (a new) normal soon. If your company was looking to hire before the pandemic started, if business conditions warrant, it may be time to start hiring again. Here are some tips to restart recruiting. Be ready to look […]

3 Fatal Resume Mistakes

A well written resume can help you land an interview with a prospective employer, while a poorly written one can eliminate you from the position right away. You might have the perfect qualifications for the job, but if you have mistakes on your resume, you may not get the chance to show those skills off. […]

Talent Talk with Maria Clarke

We were very pleased to talk with Maria Clarke, a candidate who we recently helped place at a local marketing and design agency, to get some insight into her experience working with Talent Tap and any tips she can offer to other folks on a job search. What is your background, Maria? The majority of […]

Social Media Essentials for Businesses

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives. That includes for businesses. It’s a great place to share what’s happening with your business, showcase employees, share awards, interact with customers, and identify and court new customers. It’s also a great place to find employees. Here are some tips for using social media to attract […]

Your Job Search – Social Media Essentials

Social media is an essential part of everyday life for most of us.  This is increasingly the case for businesses, as well. Social media is often how a business shares updates, interacts with current customers, and identifies and courts potential new customers. If you’re in the market for a new job, social media can work […]

Making a Magical Match – Hiring with Talent Tap!

Are you a small to mid-sized company looking for a better way to hire top-performing staff who will “stick and stay”? With 25+ years of expertise in talent acquisition and retention, Talent Tap has built high-performing teams for many of south-central PA’s “Best Places To Work” companies!  We are innovators who are frequently copied by […]

A Job Search During the Time of Coronavirus

Many companies have put hiring on hold as they manage their business during the covid-19 pandemic.  Many of us are not able to leave our homes right now and have a little extra time on our hands. If you are on a job search, here are 10 ideas to keep you fresh in the minds […]

7 Tips to Ace Your Next Video Interview

With social distancing in effect all over the country, and with many states recommending staying at home except for in emergencies, many employers are moving to video interviews instead of in person interviews. Here are our 7  top tips to help ace those interviews: 1. A Quiet Place Be sure to set up in a […]

The Secret Sauce of Hiring Superstars

One of the most common questions hiring companies ask me is how to identify and hire superstars.  Over the years, I’ve identified four ingredients in the secret staffing sauce of the most successful companies. 1.)  Who Loves Ya Baby? Like a lot of things in life, recruiting at its best is a who-you-know process.  Superstar […]