With social distancing in effect all over the country, and with many states recommending staying at home except for in emergencies, many employers are moving to video interviews instead of in person interviews. Here are our 7  top tips to help ace those interviews:

1. A Quiet Place

Be sure to set up in a quiet space with good lighting and no interference from your kids, pets, or anyone else in the house. You need to be able to concentrate on your interview, just like you would if you were in person.

2. Plan Ahead

Set up your computer about 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time so that you can test for any issues with sound and video. This will also give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the video platform if you haven’t used it before. Then be ready for the interviewer a few minutes before the set time. It’s always recommended to arrive to an interview early, it’s no different with a video interview.

3. Practice Makes Perfect 

Practice!! Do a practice interview with a friend so you can get used to how the video works. Practice maintaining eye contact and be sure not to look around the room.

4. Back It Up!

Have a back-up plan ready in case something would go wrong with the video. Back-ups could be FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more. Have your back-up plan up and ready to go. The interviewer will be impressed that you thought ahead and had a plan of action ready to go.

5.  100% Dress for Success

Dress up as if you were meeting the interviewer in person. I know we all joke about wearing PJ pants because the person on the other end of the video cannot see them. But don’t do this. Imagine if you need to get up to change the lighting or to fix something with the camera, wouldn’t you be mortified if your potential future employer saw you in PJ bottoms?!

6.  Bring Needed Supplies

Have a copy of your resume printed and nearby. This way you don’t need to keep toggling from one screen to another which can make you look distracted to the interviewer.  And don’t forget a pen and paper!

7.  Do Your Homework

Employers are always impressed with candidates who are  prepared with thoughtful questions.  Make sure you’ve done your research on the company so that you can talk knowledgeably and demonstrate your genuine interest.


Treat your video interview just like an in-person interview. Being well prepared and professional will go a long way.