A well written resume can help you land an interview with a prospective employer, while a poorly written one can eliminate you from the position right away. You might have the perfect qualifications for the job, but if you have mistakes on your resume, you may not get the chance to show those skills off.


Here are three deadly resume mistakes which can knock you out of consideration for your dream job!

  1. Spelling and grammar mistakes are the most common, and the easiest to fix. Run spell check on your resume to catch errors. Read your resume out loud several times to hear how it sounds. And have others review your resume. The more eyes that view it, the better.


  1. Not listing the months of employment on your resume. When you just list the years – for example, 2019-2020 – your potential employer does not know if you’ve been there for two months or a full year. This can be very frustrating and can prompt employers to pass over your resume.


  1. Not tailoring your resume for the desired position. We often see career objective statements which don’t match the open position. For example, if you’re applying for a job in compliance, don’t list your objective as “looking to utilize my skills in human resources”. This is a surefire way to a quick rejection. Also, make sure your stated skills align with the requirements of the open position. But don’t fudge your skills! You never want to lie on a resume – you will be caught eventually!

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